Readers are reporting that Bordeaux Drama Studio Crops are now scanning in at $108 in stores and that the prices have indeed jumped from $98 to $108. I was chatting with an educator just yesterday when I went in to look for marked down Pedal Power LS’s (my store didn’t have them marked down yet) and the Ed expressed surprise that the Pedal Power LS’s ($108) just weren’t moving off the shelves in stores because we both really liked them, and that it hadn’t performed as well as expected based on the popularity of the previous Ride On Henley (priced at $88). I told her that even though the increase was not a prohibitive amount for most people, it was a real barrier and that had it been priced the same as the last run of cycling henleys it would have moved instantly because it really is a popular item, it’s just not priced correctly. I know that once those tops get marked down they will fly off the shelves. But, at that point Lululemon is able to sell it for it’s original price ($88) and still have a huge margin but the item is then final sale. 

Anyways, $108 for studio pants is really a barrier for me. $98 is just about barrier for me for a style of pant like this that don’t have as much street wear/workout wear versatility as Wunder Unders. I had to return my original Bordeaux Drama Studio Pants over the weekend because they had a bit of a snag at the ankle which I noticed just as I was about to remove the tags to wear them for the first time. Luckily the store I went to had plenty of stock of the Bordeaux Drama Studio Pants in all sizes so exchanging them wasn’t a problem. 


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