Carry And Go Hoodie with Pedal Power Tight

Pedal Power Tights in Currant Slub Denim

 Power Purple Swiftly SL in Special Edition print

Running with My Hommies Crop with Power Purple Swiftly SS 

Pedal Power LS

Pedal Power Rain Jacket

Reverses to a water resistant side (the black side in this version is DWR)

The Coco Soft Shell

I’m really interested in trying this one on but the price is restricting me from buying it. I have a older 2010 Banana Republic Jacket that has the identical design down to the cut and seam details, button and pleat detail in the back but it’s wool and I got it on boxing day sale (ever so slightly too snug). I obviously am partial to the sportier lululemon version now but I really can’t justify the price of this one when I have one made out of wool 

Pedal Power Wind Shirt

I kind of really like the ascot tie in the front. 

 Carry and Go Hoodie, Coco Soft Shell

 Pedal Power Rain Jacket


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