Fit Review: Carry And Go Hoodie and Keep On Running Duffel

August 13, 2012

Carry And Go Hoodie

I LOVED this hoodie today and was thinking of ways to get it but in the end it was just a little too short  on my torso so I left it in store to think about. It’s TTS (size 10) and I would not have sized down in this  like I did with my Sing Floss Travel Jacket. I have hopes that we will see the SFT Jacket next monday though so I’m going to wait. I’ve heard whispers that it’s coming in this currant. This one is not just a solid Currant but looks like the commuter print on the Om Pants. It’s cotton french terry and thin and soft just like the Sing Floss Travel Jacket. 


Keep On Running Duffel

This is the same Duffel that I got at the Seawheeze expo but the lining is blazer print where as the one I got has a special commemorative seawheeze lining that says seawheeze 2012 all over with pictures illustrations of the course. There is no official laptop pocket in this which is a bummer at this price point but one of the pockets is cushy enough that I’d put my ipad in it with its carrying case.

 the lining fabric

A Gripe (hold on to your seats!)

This miserable ebayer volunteered at the seawheeze and managed to steel a medal. I know it was stolen because they used their volunteer tag holder laces on it which came in blue and pink (not green like the medals came with) and attached the stolen medal to it. It is ridiculous that the ebayer posted this medal with a caption that says ‘medal not for sale, just my glory’. To this ebay seller I say, next year you should run the race and actually earn your medal. I hope this medal serves as a reminder to you what a despicable thing you did and that the only ‘sweating once a day’ you did was figuring out how to turn a buck. Next year you should run it, because earning that medal feels really, really good. 

**please note I really don’t have an issue with ebayers but most professional business ebayers don’t stoop to strategizing how to beat runners to a race expo and would not steal items meant just for the runners** 

This is what the day felt like for the runners and volunteers there to help make the day amazing.

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