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More Sneak Peeks: Run Catch Me Tank in Flare/Tonka Stripe, Flare Pacesetter Skirt

August 30, 2012

A couple of sneak peeks popped up tonight. The first one is of the Run: Catch Me Tank in Cashew Tonka Stripe/Flare which I saw on a CTV Edmonton News Segment (here). The second one is of the Pacesetter Skirt currently in Australian stores in Flare/Cashew Tonka Stripe. There is a rumor floating around that there will be a product drop in stores tomorrow due to the Monday Labour Day holiday. I’m not sure though, it could be major markdowns due to seasonal changeover and the huge amount of inventory stores currently have (something to do with Q2 looming close?). I’d be surprised though if stores are getting any items we haven’t already seen in the upload or on the sneak peeks I’ve posted here (rain jacket, pigment tonka striped and current Run: Chase Me Tanks, bonded Angel Blue and Split Pea CRB’s etc, Down Town Puffy Jacket, the Bordeaux Drama Studio Crops my store never got). For the past year items have debuted (doesn’t that word sound funny?) online first before stores with the exception of two or three US stores that get items on the Friday. Nothing for me tomorrow unless there is a bordeaux drama CRB (preferably tonka striped) or a tonka striped pigment blue CRB. I’m otherwise still enjoying my most favorite purchase in a long time – Angel Blue Define Jacket.

Run: Catch Me Tank 

Picture from CTV Edmonton

Run: Pacesetter Skirt in Flare/Cashew Tonka Stripe 

(worn with Power Purple Define Jacket)

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