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Fit Report: Down Town Puffy, Star Runner SS, Bordeaux Drama Define Jacket and More

August 30, 2012

A few new items in store today. I tried on the Down Town Puff in size 10 and it was quite nice. I really liked the fit and the fact that it didn’t look huge or overwhelm me. I could layer a cabin LS, swiftly or a thin knit sweater under my TTS but not anything really thick. My big disappointment with it besides the price ($228!!!!!) was the zipper at the cuff. If you unzip it you get ruffles upon ruffles of magician handerkchief spilling out and when you zip them back in they don’t lay as flat as they did before you unzipped it. I really don’t get the point of that feature. Inside the jacket at the upper back there is also a big zippered pocket. I’m not sure why anyone would ever use a pocket in that spot that you can’t access while the jacket is on and if you place anything in it it would look odd and also not allow you to sit back. Overall, I did really like this jacket and how it looked on, but judging by the fact that the Coco Softshell is now marked down from $228 to $99 today, after just being out two weeks….I think lulu is teaching us we can now wait some of these highly priced items out for markdown. 

 Oh yeah, who doesn’t like tons of ruffles at their wrists

I really liked these RULU ‘Star Runner SS‘ tops but I’m wearing them here with my most muffin top inducing pants so I need to try them on again with other pants. They are shorter than last years Full Tilt SS which is a shame because I really liked the added length of those. These ones are shorter and also are priced higher at $78. I think they are too warm for me to wear to crossfit and I probably wouldn’t wear them casually due to the reflectivity and the mesh ruffle detailing on the back so I had to pass. 

 Pigment Blue Tonka Stripe, Angel Blue Tonka Stripe 

 Ms. Q’s store got this gorgeous Bordeaux Drama/Tonka Striped Define Jacket. My store didn’t get this today thank goodness because I might have been really tempted. I’m going to probably pass on this one since I now have two Defines and don’t need a third (at this point). I’m happy to see more items in Bordeaux Drama. My store also got the Dance Studio Crops in in this color, Pigment Blue CRB and yet another run of the Perfect Layer Tee in white tonka stripe, black tonka stripe and pigment tonka stripe. 

 Milky Way Multi Scuba Hoodie

 All colors of the Coco Softshell were on sale today at $99. I was tempted and almost got one but I tried it on again and my husband is right. The shoulders really are unflattering on me and create a triangle shape thanks to my pear shape.

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