by Cristina

Product Drop Monday

April 23, 2012

Boy was I happy that there was nothing in store for me today. I do really like the newest Daily Tanks in Beachy Floral Print and Porcelain Wee Stripe but it’s not something I need to have. The Beachy Floral was really nice on and the print actually has a distressed denim look to it but the Beachy Floral was a 97% polyester and the Wee Stripe was mostly 47% Nylon I think. I’d prefer the Beachy Floral in a Every Yogi Tank to avoid the polyester, but I’d also love to see this print in the Porcelain colorway. I was surprised though at how much nicer the print is in person once you see the detailing of the print and the faux distressed look. 

 There were new Flash No Limit Tanks in today but not the Menthol, Porcelain or Beachy Floral versions that are coming soon. Its so funny how boring flash has gotten. It’s just been around for a very long time now, since January I think. I think those of us that love Flash have stocked up and then some so were ready to say bye-bye (**ducking for cover**).

Liberty Crops

I could have really liked the Liberty Crops. It’s the same thin cotton french terry as the Meditate Pullover which I really like. But then they went and made it with the ridiculous dropped crotch which makes it an automatic pass for me. 

 Hold Me Close Crops

I took a look at these crops today and I don’t really like how the silicone grips look all the way down the leg. It just looked like a globbed on hot glue gun accident in this particular execution of the print. I’ve liked past versions of this silicone design which I think came in a thin linear feather print so it didn’t looked globbed on, it looks more deliberate. 

 Shiny Pacesetter Skirts in Fossil and Rose Quarz. I think I’d like this but in a different color. 

Cruiser Shorts

Flashback Pullover

There was a time when I would have gone crazy over this pullover being re-released. I used to have one a few years ago and sold it when it was too big. And then I searched for a replacement for it but never found one in the color and size I wanted. Now that it’s hear I just prefer the Meditate Pullover better since it’s a much simpler design and layers over a tank a bit better.  I’ve heard  though that one US store got these in today in Heathered Indigo/Navy (Pictured Below). That one I’m sure is delicious but I’m still taking a pass. 

Heathered Navy

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