I decided to head to the mall today to check out the new Dance Studio Jacket in Porcelain which I’d already ordered online as well as the Heathered Menthol CRB. The jacket is a stunner in this color and I’m so glad I pounced on it. The Heathered Menthol CRB was really nice, I was surprised to like it actually. It’s 48% polyester which is one of the lower poly blended ones so it’s still quite soft. Anything over 48% and it gets that icky slick feeling that a lot of us dislike. While this CRB is not the softest ones like Heathered Paris Pink, Heathered Rose or Heathered Aquamarine, it is much softer than the Heathered Black Swan and Heathered Concord. My only negative about it doesn’t hide my unpleasant areas very well but I’m going to really like it layered over my Jacquard Mesh CRB which will give me a bit better coverage. Oh, and another surpise was the Fun In The Sun Shorts. I really liked the fit of them on me. The leg opening could be a bit bigger but I liked that it was higher rise and the pockets are actually really nice on a bigger. Since my quads are bigger the longest length is actually not that long on me and didn’t look matronly. I brought this one home but I think I’d like them in Fossil isntead.

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