Love, love the Porcelain Dance Studio Jacket. Although I did not feel tempted by the Porcelain x long CRB when I saw it in person. The color is lovely but it’s so similar to rocksteady that I didn’t feel the need to get it. Maybe if there is a heathered porcelain version I’ll get it. What I’d love to see is a lux scuba or Sing, Floss, Travel hoodie this year in Porcelain and Menthol. Especially since the Scuba’s have been discontinued until the fall. I’ll behave in the event that it does happen. 

 This CRB is so pretty. It’s definitely on the green side but it’s still a pastel. I think most pictures I’ve seen of it have been pretty true to life. It surprisingly layers over many different colors quite nicely.

The Daily Tank in Beachy Floral is quite pretty. I’m passing on it in favor of a porcelain version of the print and also would prefer an Every Yogi Tank over a CRB or Daily.


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