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Lets Help Some Lululemon Educators Win A Trip!

April 13, 2012

I have a lot of respect for the lovely educators that work in stores with customers and love the products as much as we do. They are the ones that are actually ‘in touch’ with what the brand means to its customers and they are the ones that are hearing our feedback. When an educator from the Palo Alto Lululemon emailed me letting me know about this contest that they are trying to win, I was more than happy to help them promote this contest called ‘Friends Don’t Let Friends Not Travel’

If Remy and her nominator, key leader Kimberly win, they get to pick a trip of their choice to Europe. They are aiming for a trip to the Mediterranean. To win, they need as many facebook friends as possible to click on this picture (click on the link above the picture) and ‘like’ it. I’ve just liked it myself and hope our lululemon fan community can come together and help send these lovely ladies to Europe. Voting ends on Monday April 16th and I’m really looking forward to hearing that they won.

Finalists: Friends Don’t Let Friends Not Travel With Contiki

Nominator: Kimberly Barnes

Nominee: Remy Champion

Story: Kimberly met Remy through work where she was one of our newest and highest performers from the get go! She took on projects did extra work and was on the fast track for a promotion and taking over the Community team! Around December she made a big and brave decision: Remy realized life is too short to not travel! She met with the managers and stepped down from her role in order to take a week or weekend off a month to travel somewhere new! So far she’s only gone on small, local trips to make sure these adventures happen. Kimberly wants to help her make this a year to remember and be a part in giving her one really special gift somewhere spectacular! It takes a lot of courage to take the plunge like she did and Kimberly would love to reward her and encourage her on this amazing journey. She’s inspired Kimberly to take action and not to just talk about life but to participate!

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