Here is a really good color comparison of solid Rocksteady Luon to Solid Porcelain Luxtreme. We have a few items out right now in Porcelain (this Ta Ta Tamer and the Swiftly Tech SS and LS’s I posted earlier) but Porcelain is going to be out in full force come May. Trouble, trouble! I loved Rocksteady but when it was out this past summer I missed out on it completely and ended up hunting down a few pieces off the exchange over Christmas. I was so sad that I’d missed out on the heathered Rocksteady Sing Floss Travel Jacket and I’m not really sure why I initially passed on it in store but it’s one of my top favorite lulu items of all times and am so glad I was able to get one eventually. Porcelain is a touch lighter than Rocksteady and also a bit brighter, more vibrant. 

I quickly just tried on the Ta Ta Tamer and you are able to cross the straps in the back a lot more comfortably than the ones from just a few months ago. I still wish the straps were a touch longer but at least I can get it on that way where as the older Magnum one I have I cannot wear that way at all.

Porcelain Ta Ta Tamer, Rocksteady Cool Racerback

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