Sneak Peek From Down Unda: Mesh Cool Racerback

This is a quicky snapshot taken in an Australian store last night thanks to ‘M’ who describes the CRB to be similar to the stripped rib CRB’s except instead of ribs it’s mesh stripes and there is no curved hem. I’m just waiting on details of wether or not this CRB is mesh or circle mesh which are quite different fabrics. Circle Mesh is what is used in underarm panels of a lot of pullovers and it lines some of the bras while mesh is sheer and is used on the Flow Y Bra in the back and in the most recent run vest which was entirely made out of stretchy mesh. I’m also curious how the fabric transitions from luon to mesh since you’d think there would be seams. Maybe it’s something totally new like laser cut luon.

Detail picture. OMG this is gorgeous!!! It looks like laser cut lace. 

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