No Rain No Gain Jacket

initial reviews from readers that have both the original NRNG Jacket say that the older version is shorter, feels more substantial and is nicer than the new version, however this new version is water proof and has taped seams and longer length which is why the price is higher. Thanks for the emails to my two readers that wrote in letting me know. 

Run: In The Rain Jacket in Dazzling.

 I quite love it in this color..but I cannot justify a run jacket at this point. 

Transition Wrap in Dune with Flash Wunder Unders

You can see in a few of these pictures how sheer this version is. I thought it felt thinner than the Deep Indigo one and now that I see how sheer it is I definitely agree with myself. None of the pictures I’ve seen so far has captured what the true color is in person (IMO). It’s quite a bit nicer, almost like a latte color. Not taupe, LATTE!

 See? Sheer even with the White CRB. Mind you she’s standing in direct light but thats still pretty sheer. It’s still ‘reversible’ according to the tag but the difference in sides is imperceptible. 

 More Flash WU’s. This is my favorite picture of them. 

Deep Breath Bra

More Transition Wrap photos. I’d love to see stores pair this with other colors. They all seam to be pairing it with grey but I think it looks much nicer with brights under it. 

A better idea of how the Dune color looks paired with brights. Here it is in the Every Yogi Tank paired with the Flash WU’s. Much more exciting. 

I’m a bit disappointed in the Heathered Ultraviolet CRB. It’s very heathered and the color is very muted down. It’s too bad we didn’t get a solid version because the color is so much prettier in solid. Sadly their are few items that have this color in solid. 

 The latest Scuba which I believe is Wee Are From Space print. 

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