Friday, June 14, 2024

OOTD: Crossfit

by Cristina

Upon request, here is my half assed attempt at a proper Outfit Of The Day Post for Crossfit. I was chatting with an educator friend the other day and she mentioned that she really missed seeing my OOTD Posts as well as my Crossfit updates and suggested I start them up gain. I have been meaning to update you guys on Crossfit but I find it hard to write about the WODS and my workout stats since not a lot of readers are into Crossfit or know the lingo. Truthfully the only reason I haven’t been doing the outfit post is because my outfits are just sort of thrown together and most of the time the colors I wear don’t even go together. Oh well, I will share anyways. 

Today was an early morning Crossfit, first back since my 5000 meter row on Tuesday which resulted in a very painful left arm. Today my arm is just about 100% better so I thought I’d get my WOD back on. We’re having very strange weather this weekend and had a dumping of snow this morning so I opted for a warm fleece over layer (in the hopes of no outdoor run) and my swiftly v-neck short sleeve in raspberry and Mind Over Matter run crops. Alas, because of my sore arm from rowing my trainer didn’t want me to do any pulling exercises today so he had me do the Wednesday WOD instead which was run 800 meters (OUTSIDE, in THE SNOW! F**CKER!), 400 meter backwards run (fun for a girl with massive quads and underdeveloped hamstrings), 800 meter run, 400 meter backwards run. So that was about a mile and a half run. Not a big deal except for the backwards running which was very painful. The fleece worked out well for the first 800 meters and then it got too warm so I just wore my short sleeve for the rest of it and was quite comfortable with bear arms. I find it funny that when I go out for a run I wear ‘proper’ layers and rely on my gadgets (garmin + music), but when I do crossfit runs I just go out in the rain/sleet/snow with a CRB or tee shirt and just get er done. 

Crossfit itself is going very well. I’m totally hooked on it and really enjoy going and seeing the gains. I love love love all of the lifts and am warming up to burpees and box jumps and wall balls.  I haven’t lost any weight at all but my clothes do fit way better and the most important change is how much stronger I am. Probably my biggest area of improvement is in my shoulders, back and arms which are now way more defined. On a good week I can make it in 4 days but sometimes it’s a struggle to get in for 2 because I rely on everybody else’s schedule to mind my kids. I’m now committing to going in 4 days a week more consistently by opting for the 6am class as much as possible even though I love the energy of the evening classes better.  I’m not a morning person but I always hate having to look back at my week and seeing that my motivation to work out was there but I just didn’t get it in and seeing the empty unrecorded spaces in my calender.  I’m also signed up for the SeaWheeze half marathon and doing the Saturday morning run club with my Lululemon store but I occasionally have to miss it. My other training option for the SeaWheeze training is to run my kids to school in the double stroller and then run home 2-3 days a week. Thats the only way I’m going to fit training in.  I haven’t accomplished that first run to school yet but I know once I get out for that first run to school the rest will be easy. 

Apres Run Pullover, Persian Purple.  Mind Over Matter Crops, Costco ratty slippers

Swiftly V-neck Short Sleeve, Raspberry and Mind Over Matter Crops
Costco ratty slippers

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