Thursday, June 20, 2024

Ride On Jacket Priced at $298!!! And Pictures of Ride On Vest

by Cristina

I was in the store just for 5 minutes today but when I checked out the price on the new Ride On Jacket I just about spit out my coffee. This windbreaker/water resistant jacket that is pretty similar to the Wether or Not Jacket from the fall is priced at $298. $298. Seriously Lululemon, get a grip. I can just wear my Apres Run Anorak while bike riding and have the exact same function for almost half the price. 

Ride On Jacket $298

 I checked the price for the Ride On Vest (which is pretty cute by the way) and I have developed amnesia and cannot remember for the life of me what the price was. Exorbitant probably but I can’t be positive. The pictures seen here are of the Fossil one and in the vest material it sort of looks like ivory with a bit of tan. The orange contrasting is really nice. This jacket reminds me a lot of the Run: Turn Around Vest but without the Rulu side paneling.

Ride On Vest $139

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