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Fit Review: Transformation Wrap and Yin Me Pullover

by Cristina

Today my store got a shipment in of most of the latest items we’ve seen in pictures over the weekend. I was very excited to try on the Transformation Wrap in Deep Indigo, and I LOVE it but I’m also a bit torn on the sizing and the different options on how to wear it. Hence, the overkill on pictures for today. Hopefully you’ll find it helpful for the upload later tonight (around 12am pacific).

The size 10 Transformation Wrap was quite voluminous in fabric and length. It was especially roomy in the arms for me but I also thought the upper back was quite roomy. I’m a TTS 10 however I also have petite proportions so 10’s in sweaters and wraps often feel quite roomy on me and I tend to size down to an 8 with the Gratitude Wrap, Scuba Hoodie and other knit wraps. Because of the tulip shaped bottom hem on this sweater though, I liked the way the size 10 overlaped closed over my hips while the 8 had to be arranged more in order to overlap. 

It took me a long time to finally decide on the size 8, and in the meantime I earned some stink eye on my way out due to my tantrumy, screaming almost 2 year old. So sorry if you had to endure that with me today.

size 10

size 10

In order to wear it closed like in this picture you need to pull the strings in the back up and then wrap them around to your front and tie them closed. For it to look nice you really need to pull out some excess fabric over the top and let it drape a bit otherwise it looks silly. TTS there was an awful lot of overlap and baggyness at the bust when I closed it. You also lose functionality of the big pockets on this depending on how you choose to wear it. Uncinched in the back, the pocket placement is perfect. Cinched in the back and the pockets travel a bit -still useable but slightly awkward placement.  When you tie the back drawstiring around the front you also have to arrange the pockets so that they are more towards the front and sort of like a grandpa cardigan pocket.

size 10

This is the size 8, left open and to the sides. The wide lapel has a folded crease in it for a nice placement but I’m afraid you would lose that upon first wash. 

size 8

Reverse side is fun and funky but also busy with the really, really wide Dark Indigo Lapel. I’d probably wear it this way out if I also belted it with a real belt. I do like it though so I can see myself wearing it this way sometimes but my preference is the Deep Indigo side out. No pockets on this side.

size 8

It surprised me how large the size 10 Yin Me Pullover was. I did like it but it’s a bit shorter so I can’t size down to an 8 due to my very freakishly long torso and I also think it’s meant to fit quite slouchy. I like that this has a cuffed hem on it but since it’s such a big fit you don’t really see the cuffed hem detail. You can wear the V neck in the front or back as long as you don’t use the thumbholes. 

Yin Me Pullover

size 10

Although its reversible, as you can see in this picture, the difference in sides is almost unnoticeable. 

Right: Main Side  Left Side: Reversed side

Sorry for the dirty mirror. Its nearly impossible to keep this mirror fingerprint free with toddlers. Oopsies!  Anyhow, I came home with the size 8 and had to try it on again to be sure. I do prefer the sizing on the 8 I just wish there was slightly more hip clearance. Thats my only issue with the size 8. The 10 was more comfortable over my Cabin LS tee but the 8 was still doable and I likely wouldn’t double up on long sleeves like that anyways. I think if you need to chose a size without trying it on (I do suggest you try on first if you can) go with your TTS. TTS will look fine, although roomy and slouchy. If you go down a size it may work, especially if you have narrower hips than I, but then you may have issues with the snugness in the arms which is typical of lulu knits. I don’t have issues with the arm width in these but I also don’t have big muscles or wider shoulders to contend with and I also find the knits loosen up over time. If you size down in the Gratitude Wrap then you can probably size down in this one. 

Size 8

See, there is more of a gap on the bottom of this one when closed and tied shut. 

you can see here in the size 8 there is still a lot of fabric in profile. 

closeup of it closed. You may be able to see how I’ve arranged the pockets to be more in the front and I untucked the wrap a bit. 

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Anonymous January 31, 2012 - 1:37 am

Thanks for the detailed review! Still not a fan of the yin me knit. I think the wrap looks great on you, but it's a little too fussy for me.

Anonymous January 31, 2012 - 2:53 am

What boots are you wearing? Are they the Frye tall Paige boots? They look fabulous whereas they " wrinkle" on my lower calves!


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