Monday, June 24, 2024

Photos Of The Latest: Reflection Wrap, Run: For It Crops, Run: Your Heart Out Tank

by Cristina

Sorry my posts have been lacking this week, I intended to start a 12 days of Christmas post last night but I have a wicked cold which I suspect is actually the flu even though I had the flu shot in November. I’ll probably still do the posts though and just post a few of them all at once for you. Also, yesterday my telus tv service decided to pixelate and freeze and the soonest they can get in to fix the service is Sunday. So home sick and no tv  = sucky! I got a little bit of online Christmas shopping accomplished the other day and got my mom some Savasana Socks. I think she’ll really like them. I think I also want to get her the Gym Essentials Kit since she travels so much. Next on my list to tackle is my dad and he is very hard to shop for. All I know is I wont be getting him any lulu. Are you guys done your Christmas shopping?? 

Reflection Wrap

This wrap is just constructed too short and wide. I wish it had other details on it to compensate such as buttons or a sash to belt it in. 

Run: For It Crops

I like the contrasting lines on these. I don’t think I’d like that on all my run crops but it’s nice to have a sportier look sometimes. 

Run Your Heart Out Tank

I’m not a huge fan of the tinted canvas print but I do like how neutral it is and that it has so much depth in  the print between all of the different tones. I think the print looks best in a simple design like the CRB where there isn’t other details like seams or contrasting fabrics competing with the print. 

Wunder Under Crop *RVRS* Bonded Seam

More Dressage Pant Pictures… 

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