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A new Christmas shopper!

 Reflection Wrap

Some of the Lulu wraps that have been out have had flattering lengths with not so much volume of fabric in the front short panels so you get a better figure flattering look..well as figure flattering as you can get with this style. This version of the wrap, I think the length of the shorter panels is all wrong.  This wrap just seems all off for some reason. I wish lulu would incorporate belts made out of the same knit material and maybe have the entire wrap one uniform length. Or have the option of wearing it upside down for a cropped wrap or rite side up for a longer length. I really like the Cashmere wraps from Aritzia so much better than the lululemon ones and it’s all because the cuts are more figure flattering and streamlined. 

 Plum Wunder Under Pants

I’m intrigued by these plum Wunder unders. The Paris Pink is way too bright for me but I do love these ones, especially with the black Chai Time Pullover.

 Run: Turn Around Shorts

 Dressage Pants

No offense at all to this model, no reflection whatsover on your figure (or anyone else that has modeled these pants). The contrast butt panel just really bugs me. Its just such an odd statement, no? Luon tights are figure enhancing enough as it is, why need to draw even more attention to it with two different colors encircling the butt? I get that these are inspired by riding pants but I don’t think these are really meant to be anything more than a fashion statement. If I see you walking on the street wearing these pants I guarantee you I’ll be staring at your butt. There. Hopefully I haven’t offended anybody.


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