Monday, June 17, 2024

Store Report: Special Edition Cuddle Up, Sparkle Paris Pink Cuddle Up, Gratitude Wrap and More

by Cristina

Special Edition Cuddle Up Jacket $198

I have to say that this new Cuddle Up Jacket is gorgeous with all the pretty embroidered detailing on it but it is certainly not worthy of a $198 price tag. At most I think $138 would have been justified and I may have bitten the bullet at that price. $198 means it will not be going on my Christmas wish list either since I would be too embarrassed to ask someone to spend that amount on a sweat jacket, and it’s so close to Christmas that I wont be spending that amount on myself either. 

This Paris Pink Sparkle Cuddle Up was gorgeous though at almost half the price. I’m wish listing it for now and am going to think about it. I don’t use my sweat jackets a ton so thats why I’m hesitating. 

The Run Insulator Pullover is interesting. I don’t really like it for myself, especially since it is way, way, way to warm to run in and it doesn’t cross over to street wear very well but if you live somewhere especially cold a 650 power fill down pullover might make sense (Antarctica?). I do think it’s really cool that Lululemon has made something that no other running specific brand has made yet so it’s worthy of a try on. They also had a puffy vest in this Insulator line meant for running and I think thats probably something that I could see having greater appeal for runners. There is also a Run Turn Around Jacket that comes in Black Swan for those of you looking for a puffy down filled jacket. I’ll post more pictures in an additional post once I collect them from the various stores.

New Gratitude Wraps are in in this Heathered Coal/Coal color. It was pretty and soft but I didn’t feel the need to get one so I passed on it. All I picked up today was the Heathered Paris Pink Cool Racerback Tank. 

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Anonymous November 28, 2011 - 11:20 pm

How much was the run insulator po? I can't see the price in the pic you posted! Thanks so much 🙂 and the pp cuddle up is mine!


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