The Upload

Kind of a disappointing upload today I think. It wasn’t bad, just missing the Run Full Tilt Long Sleeves and items in Raspberry. I think the stars of the upload today were the Full Tilt Pullovers and the Run Weightless Skirt and Run Full Tilt Skirt. I wonder why the Run Full Tilt Pullover in blue is It Blue and not Rocksteady, isn’t it the same color? Whatever it is, it’s an awesomely vibrant blue and I haven’t seen it look bad on anybody. 

I ended up checking out with an item I’ve been eyeing online for a while, the Astro Wunder Unders in Heathered Black/Dewberry/Dewberry Wee Stripe. I tried these on the other day and they were so comfortable on and I loved that the waist didn’t cause muffin top. I still need to do a jumping test in them to make sure they wont ride down on me but I otherwise love the Heathered Black Luon and was hoping to get something in that. I liked the waist colors of some of the other Astro WU’s better but I really wanted the Heathered Black Luon for something different. 

What did you order today?

Run Full Tilt Pullover  It Blue/Print



  1. Completely disappointing upload! I haven't seen it that bad for awhile. You guessed right…I ordered nothing! Lulu this year is so boring compared to last year. They need new ideas and they need to spice it up. I find that I'm not buying as much as I used to for this year cause they are making alot of stuff similar to previous items. Last year this time we had lots of fall goodies…this year not so! All I want to know is "What the heck is going on with the design team"?

  2. why on earth does the full tilt skirt cost $78 ? That seems somewhat ridiculous to me, in comparison to all the other skirts. Any idea?

  3. I want to get some astro wunder under crops but they dont have my size?? are they only making these down to size 6?? i need a 4…what's the deal? I dont even seen the option for 4 as sold out, it's just not there. does anyone know?

  4. I really want the black stripes galor stride… But it's a bit too expensive for me right now considering I just spent $150 at lulu last month.

  5. This full tilt skirt is puzzling. I bought one the day it came out in Chicago and it was marked $78 but rang up at $64. The next day I went over to another Chicago area store and told the educator what had happened. She took the skirt off the rack and checked the price at the register sku thing at this store. $78!!! Weird.

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