Saturday, June 15, 2024

High-Brow vs Low-Brow: Lululemon Audrey Jacket Knockoff At Zellers

by Cristina

The buzz all over the Lulu This Just In Group on Facebook is that Zellers (a Canadian retailer much like Target in the US) has an almost identical replica of the Lululemon Audrey Jacket on for $69. The Audrey Jacket retails for $228 which is quite pricey if you live in a climate that requires a heavier Winter Jacket and you live through shorter Falls and longer winters.

The Zellers replica is made by Sportek which I’ve read is a really good sports apparel manufacturer with high end performance fabrics (comparable to lululemon fabrics).  I have to admit that I’ve been wondering why so many people were posting pictures of the Audrey Jacket on TJI and didn’t realize until now that it was not the true Audrey Jacket but a Zellers version. Last year I wrote about the Zellers replica of the No Rain No Gain Jacket which several readers purchased and were quite happy with so if you covet the Audrey but it’s too spendy for your outerwear needs for the Fall/Winter months then you may want to check out this jacket.

Thank you to the lovely ladies on TJI that submitted photos of the ‘Fraudrey Jacket’

Audrey Jacket

Zellers Jacket

Zellers Jacket

Zellers Jacket

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