by Cristina

Store Report: Swiftly Tech V-Neck, Full Tilt Long Sleeve and Full Tilt Pullover

September 2, 2011

Coquitlam Centre had a product drop early today due to the holiday Monday coming up and so I made sure to stop in to see the new Run Full Tilt Long Sleeve and Run Full Tilt Pullover and boy am I in love with them. First off, the Long Sleeve is a must have. The neck is a slight boatneck which I love, the fit is form following but not ‘sausage casing’ like last years Run Dash Long Sleeve was on me. I did like last years version but just couldn’t pull the trigger on something that really hugged my (smaller back then) spare tire. I went with the size 10 but the 8 didn’t look too tight, I just preferred that the slouchier 10. I  really like the cuffed hem on this one and the little itty bitty pocket on the front hem. The ruffles are small enough to be cute and subtle without being too precious looking and without making you look like a Stegosaurus. This Long Sleeve is also really nice because there isn’t jarring contrast between the circle mesh, seams and static to non static colors so it doesn’t look busy and it doesn’t scream athletic wear. I also really liked the Heathered Ghost on me today and would have liked to have gotten it since it would look lovely layered over Raspberry but I decided to wait until Upload. The Full Tilt Pullover in Heathered Rocksteady I really, really loved as well but decided to wait on since I already have pullovers but I don’r have any long sleeves. 

I also got the Raspberry V-Neck Swiftly today. I almost, almost pulled the trigger this past upload on the short sleeve or the long sleeve swiftly’s in Raspberry but I kept thinking how much I would have preferred it in a v-neck since crewnecks aren’t my favourite neckline. Low and behold Lulu bugged my room and decided to make me one so it was no question today picking it up. On my wish list now is a second Run Full Tilt Long Sleeve in Ghost (or Raspberry if it comes in that color) and the Run Full Tilt Pullover in Rocksteady. I also saw in store today the Rocksteady and Muted Mauve Cool Racerbacks, Rocksteady and Muted Mauve Define Jackets, new Run Full Tilt Crop and See Me Ride 7/8 Tights (both made of thicker Power Luxtreme). Stride Jackets in the new stripe pattern. There may have been more today that I missed but I was just soo giddy about the running luon tops that I had tunnel vision. Last time I had so much excitement shopping at Lululemon was this time last year when the Run Inspire Pullovers came out in Teal Zeal and Lilac and the store was full of those colors. 

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