Thursday, June 20, 2024

Product Alerts + Store Images of The Latest

by Cristina

Run Take Flight Pullover
This is a really pretty pullover if your on the market for something thin and not too warm for your top layer. I personally prefer running luon pullovers to luxtreme or this new Silverescent version but this is quite a pretty and unique pullover. I’ll be sure to check the price on this for you tomorrow morning, I saw it in person today but I was rushed and couldn’t try this on. I’m a bit thrown on how much this one will be since it doesn’t seem to have a pocket or reflective detailing on it..perhaps $89??

  • Lightweight, seamless performance pullover with mesh venting in high sweat areas – the perfect mid-layer for fall running!
  • Knitted Silverescent® with x-static® for anti-stink properties
  • X-static®, the silver fibre, inhibits the growth of bacteria
  • All-over mesh knit for increased ventilation
  • Wicking to keep you dry
  • Chafe-resistant – flat seams

Cool Racerback Tank ‘GSN’ Ghost Snowy Owl Dip Dye 94% Polyester blend
I did check this CRB out today and am not impressed with the once again high polyester blend. I know I’ve blogged about my dislike for the polyester CRB’s ad nausium but they just look like cheap polyester from afar and they feel really yucky. As much as I may love a print, I will not be purchasing it if it’s printed on polyester. Boo, because I suspect we will see the lovely feather print that is on the newest swiftly tech items (above) on CRB’s which means they will very likely be poly’s. Perhaps we will be lucky and see the print on Modern Racer Tanks as well. The addition of Vitasea on those is amazing so I will glady buy as many Modern Racer Tanks as they come up with. 

Modern Racer Tank Royal Vitasea
Oooh this one is so pretty. I just about purchased this earlier today but I was in a rush and waffling about my decision between this one and the Dewberry Run Take Flight V-Neck Tee. I couldn’t decide which one I could live without and I was in a hurry and since I’ll be back tomorrow to hang out with my friend I’ll have to decide then. I’m sort of leaning towards this one.

Lively Crewneck Tee Heathered Dewberry Vitasea
Something about the heathered color + the Vitasea makes this tee feel really lux with an almost silky sheen to it. I want to look at the fabric content of this one tomorrow to see what the difference is but I’ve not seen a Lulu tee quite like this one. I do not need another tee so I’m restraining myself but this is sooo pretty.

Scoop Neck Tank Royal/Royal Space Dye
Probably the prettiest two Scoop Neck Tanks I’ve seen in a while. I like both the Royal and the Magnum  (does ‘Magnum’ make anyone else think of ice cream popsicles covered in chocolate?)

Still Short Heathered Black
I got some basic black Still Shorts last week for my family vacation since we were planning on doing a lot of bike riding and I’m so glad I got them. They were totally perfect for an easy beach vacation tootling around town on our bikes. I wore them with all of my 7000 Modern Racer Tanks and I only wish I’d been able to get them in Heathered Black instead (as well as) my black ones.

Run Take Flight V-Neck Tech
I almost got this today but I was in a waffling mood (read above) and so I put it back. I really, really liked it but my hesitation was that I get tan lines during the summer when I run and I really don’t want a farmer tan. This may be perfect for evening runs, or fall runs but I wasn’t quite sure. Everything else about this top was perfect. I was planning on getting this in a 10 instead of an 8 since I’m feeling a bit self conscious about my midsection since I’ve greatly reduced my running after my half marathon. I’d say this is TTS (same fit as all the other SS swiftly’s and V-Neck Swiftly’s)

  • Lightweight seamless performance top with mesh venting in high sweat areas – and now, it’s a Vneck!
  • Fits like your favourite T-shirt
  • Knitted Silverescent® with x-static® for anti-stink properties
  • X-static®, the silver fibre, inhibits the growth of bacteria
  • All-over mesh knit for increased ventilation
  • Wicking to keep you dry
  • Chafe-resistant – flat seams

Run Take Flight Skirt
Cute pleating detail in this skirt. All of the lulu run skirts lately have been very ‘cutesy’ with a lot of feminine detailing added.

  • Take flight in the late summer heat in this technical running skirt!
  • Ultra light swift® is wicking, quick drying & breathable – virtually weightless
  • Inherently wicking luxtreme™ fabric liner with sticky elastic at hem
  • Lightweight smooth, wide waistband with anti-stink circle mesh against your skin
  • Continuous drawcord
  • Storage! Secure zipper pocket & 2 gel pockets on the front
  • Chafe-resistant – flat seams

Cardio Kick Crop
I like the zipper at the back of the calf with the mesh underneath but I think I would find that uncomfortable. Especially when laying on a mat.

  • Kick it real good with this slim-fit crop; perfect for yoga and the gym
  • Made with 4-way stretch luon® – breathable, soft coverage
  • Mid rise, smooth, soft waistband
  • Waistband inner stash pocket to secure $ & keys
  • Keep the back zipper open for added ventilation
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort

Quickstep Pant Wren
There are some things I really like about these pants, (the waffle seam print at the sides, the cinch cord up wards) but I’m not feeling all that tempted by these personally. 

  • Quicken your step on your way to class in this light weight track pant!
  • Swift® is wicking, quick drying, lightweight and breathable with 2-way stretch
  • Smooth elastic waistband helps eliminate muffin top
  • Stretch drawcord in hem & calf allows for pant adjustability
  • Front & back pockets to stash what you need
  • Preshrunk

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