Monday, June 17, 2024


by Cristina

I slept in a little today (did you watch that most amazing Canucks win?) so I’m really glad the Navy, Sing, Floss Travel Jacket wasn’t uploaded, just the Wren which meant I didn’t get anything today. Lots of goodies otherwise though. Did you buy anything? 

Bliss Dress

I tried this one on Tuesday and found I had to size up to a 10. The 8 fit but there was very little stretch in the tencil and the 10 flowed better. I liked that there was a double layer of Tencil in the skirt but I passed. I got a Renew Dirt Dress on the exchange page last week and it just arrived and I lurv it. 

Sing, Floss, Travel Jacket

All but Navy today 🙁

Circuit Tank

I really like this tank. Not one I need right now but I do quite like it. 

Let It Loose Tank

Surge was uploaded today. I haven’t seen this one in stores yet but it’s pretty. 

Run Resolution Skirt

I’m surprised this one is not sold out. Only some stores have gotten it and the last run of the resolution skirt in January sold out within minutes (and ended up on ebay). I guess thats what happens with super exclusive items.

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