I don’t have a ton on my Lulu wish list lately but I have been feeling quite tempted by anything with the Surge Wee Stripe print on it, in particular the CRB Tank and the Astro/WU crops I saw in store the other day. I’ve always loved the waist of the Astros and wished they would ad it to either the Groove legs or the Wunder Under legs. I’m also thinking we will see a loot upload on Friday for Canada Day since we had one last year and my local store looked quite bare as usually happens right before a large new season shipment. I think it’s now time for early fall items to start appearing and late summer items to get marked down so perhaps we will see more Royalty color  items come in on Monday.  I did see the board shorts marked down in store so you may see those uploaded to Loot soon.

What are you planning on getting tomorrow?

Cool Racerback Tank Surge Wee Stripe

Groove Crops

In Stride Jackets 

Dewberry Wee Stripe, Heathered Black/Black Wee Stripe

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