Beware: There is a Phoney Lululemon Website

This website was just discovered by a member of the Lululemon Exchange Group and it is an earily close copy of the real lululemon website. If you look under the scuba hoodies you will see an image of a box of the Passion Micro Stripe Scubas which leads me to think this is a ‘fell off the back of the truck‘ operation. I don’t know of anybody that has made a purchase from this website so if you do so, do it at your own risk. Personally I would stick to ebay for deals as there is buyer protection there. 

phoney lululemon website

And a hysterical link to a lululemon blog on the bottom of the main page. 



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  1. I am tempted to try and buy something to see what happens and if it's real lulu! Someone obviously spent a lot of time making that website. The irony is that it has even less inventory than the real lulu site!

  2. Also hilarious – the hockey-related post links in the blog sidebar (i.e. "Ice hockey is very exciting") and the fact that they didn't even bother to spell lululemon right more than half the time.

  3. I have just emailed gec to let them know about this website! I honestly believe it isn't legit… new lulu lovers probably find that website and make purchases, believing it's the real one.

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