Friday, June 14, 2024

Rumour (now verified): Scuba Hoodies Increase in Price

by Cristina

Several readers have mentioned seeing price increases in their stores on the Scuba Hoodies jumping from $98 to $128. This is despite Christine Day addressing the issue of price increases in the last two earnings calls (most recent one being June 10th) where she said they would only be increasing prices on more specialty items with extra detailing and a focus towards more special edition items and that regular items will not be marked up to justify increasing production costs. She had also mentioned that commodities have gone down substantially which is why they weren’t feeling pressure to increase prices. I will verify this for you later today when I get a chance to get to a store and check the price tags for you.

One reader has asked her store about the price increase and was told that the Micro Stripe Scuba’s (previously released in December/January at $98) are now priced higher then the solids because of a more ‘expensive process’ to create the pattern and that the rising cost of cotton is behind the $30 increase. Solid Scuba’s are now priced at $108.  I wonder what true ‘Special Edition’ scuba’s will be marked up to when something as basic as a micro stripe pattern gets a $30 increase. I find it totally outrageous that previously produced hoodies are getting re stickered at the higher prices. What would something like the Pillow Scuba or the Vest Scuba be priced at with all of the extra seam detailing on it?

How do you feel about the $30 increase? Will you be buying Scuba Hoodies at these prices? 

 This was a re stickered scuba at Oakridge 

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