Major Bummer!

Well it’s good news and bad news. Currently on the lululemon website Savasana Wraps are marked down to $59. Bonus for those of you that got one at the sale price. Also, some stores have marked down the newest Savasana Wrap in Heathered Navy down to $59. I think last week online there was a markdown of Savasana’s to $89 and if you purchased one of those you may want to call GEC (1-877-263-9300) and see if they will give you the current sale price. There policy is to not do price adjustments but some have received the price difference so it’s definitely worth a shot.   I’m bummed because I got the Heathered Navy Savasana Wrap 2 weeks and  2 days ago on the day it was first released so I won’t likely get a price adjustment. I’m mostly bummed because this is such a new release that I’m left wondering why it’s being marked down so quickly. I feel like I made a bad purchase. Has this happened to you?

**Note: If you are not allowed a priced adjustment and your wrap has the tags on and you still have the receipt for the full priced on, purchase a new ‘loot’ Savasana at the sale price and return your full priced one**

Savasana Wrap

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