This morning I tried on my Do It All Shorts II that I purchased yesterday and decided that there was something about the fit that just wasn’t working for me. The length of the shorts are quite perfect which is what had me excited about them in the first place. I have athletic thighs and curvy hips and butt so the fact that these shorts have zero flair at the leg opening and are narrow fit just doesn’t work. Also, the rise is slightly too short on me so I feel I need to pull them down lower to have them fit right. The Dance Studio Pants and Crops work well for me in an 8 or a 10 but thats because the balance of the narrow leg at the thigh works well with the flared bottom and the rise is slightly higher. I’m really sad and disappointed that these aren’t working for me but I’ve realized it’s not a matter of sizing it right, it’s a matter of fit. I hate feeling bad about how athletic my thighs look in shorts right after completing a half marathon (I should feel happy about them, no?) but in the end, I have a pair of cute white denim Banana Republic shorts from last year that are similar in style (cuffed hem, relaxed fit and casual) so I think I feel ok about returning these ones. These are worth a try on though because if the fit is right on your figure these have the potential to look really cute on.

This is a fit report from someone on the This Just In Facebook Group that had the same fit issue that I had:

So I just got back from my store and I tried on the Do It All Shorts. I am not a fan! I love my DSCs and come fall I am most likely going to bite to bite the bullet and get DCPs, but the shorts are just not cut right for women with athletic thighs or who are self conscious about their thighs and I am both. It’s like they took the same pattern for the pants and crops and just shortened it- and where the tightness works with both the pants and crops it is not flattering in the shorts. Just thought y’all would want to know my thoughts (take it for what is worth) šŸ™‚


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