Eek, really not a fan of the Cool Down Pants. Something about how they fit snug in the lower waist, top of the butt and then flare out with all of these little pleats is just not to my liking. I also am not loving the textured pockets. 

The Cool Down Crops.

 I think I prefer them in the sized up looser fit of todays previous post on these. Overall though I like the Dance Studio Crops much better then these. 

I think the Cool Down Jacket is pretty nice. 

I bet you we see it in Wren since there are Wren Cool Down Pants. 

 Willpower Shorts

These have the same flare with mini pleats that the cool down pants has. 

 Run Sunblocker Pullover in Blurred Grey. 

I really love it in this blurred grey over all the other colors. It’s not see thru which is a great thing, will match almost anything and it’s such a beautiful warm grey that doesn’t wash me out. I think it’s flattering on everyone I’ve seen wearing blurred grey. 

 Run Resolution Skirt

 Get this fast if you missed out on the last bunch back in January. those were gone within a day and then marked up at ridiculous prices on ebay. 

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