Monday, June 17, 2024

Circuit Tank on A Variety Of Models

by Cristina

Early reports of the Circuit Tank are that this is a great little tank with moderate support – Good for pilates, Yoga, elliptical trainer and spinning but probably not for high impact activities such as running without another bra worn underneath. One knock against it is that it’s tricky taking it off with the way the back is designed so if you hate fussing with removing tanks or bras after a sweaty workout, keep that in mind. Although it has removable bra straps so it’s easier when you unhook them and then take the tank off. I really love the design of the side boob ruching and if you have a larger bust it will really look great with that detail. I think the ruching is a bit lost on smaller bust sizes. I’m most drawn to this tank in Tango Red with Grapeseed as my second choice but not sure I need it. This top picture though makes me want to try it out since it looks so fantastic on her. 
**Fit Report by Lulu Addict Over Here

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