Vitasea is Back!

I was really interested to see that Lululemon hast started using their trademarked Vitasea (Seacell and Lycocell, a 100% wood pulp fibre mixed with seaweed) again in some of their products this spring. I noticed a difference in feel with both the Wren and Grapeseed Modern Racer tanks compared with my Snorkel and Iris ones but didn’t realize that they were Vitasea until a reader pointed it out to me today.

The Wren and Grapeseed which are made of Vitasea feel thicker and a bit heavier and have a bit better coverage then the other Modern Racers made of Pima Cotton. Vitasea was used last summer in some of the Lab items and I found that those items seemed to have a nicer drape due to the weight of the fabric and a silkier weave then some of the same items made of Pima Cotton (the Goddess Tank came in both Pima and Vitasea). I was glad to see Vitasea was used in the It’s a Cinch Dress this year because last years Modern Racer Dress which used Pima cotton was much less flattering and a little too sheer and clingy for a dress.  I’m also glad to see that the Pink Mist Modern Racer is also Vitasea because the Pima cotton would be too sheer in such a pale color. I have a white Modern from last year in Pima cotton and I wear it as a layer or to bed because on it’s own it’s a little too sheer for me.

I wonder if Vitasea is better at handling stains then Pima cotton is. I’ve noticed some of my Pimas from spring 2010 were disasters as far as retaining simple stains such as water and other clear liquids. I also wonder if we will be seeing more natural fibres again such as Beechlu (Lux scuba’s anyone? Maybe Dance Pulse Wraps??)


lululemon’s Vitasea fabric is made with Seacell┬«, the yarn derived from seaweed! Blended with cotton and Lycra, the end result is an ultra soft, pre-shrunk fabric that retains its shape and stays soft after you wash it. This makes it the perfect choice for tank tops and t-shirts.

Modern Racer Tank Wren

Modern Racer Tank Modern Racer Tank Alternate View

Modern Racer Tank Modern Racer Tank Alternate View

Modern Racer Tank Modern Racer Tank Alternate View

Lively Crewneck Tee

Lively Crewneck TeeLively Crewneck TeeAlternate View

It’s a Cinch Dress

It's A Cinch DressIt's A Cinch DressAlternate View

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