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Upload Thursday (?) Eve

April 27, 2011

I suspect we will se a big official upload tomorrow with all the latest items so I thought I’d give you a refresher course of what’s been out in stores since the last upload. To see the product descriptions you can click on the link above the picture and it will direct you to the product page. I’m hoping to see  the pink mist modern racerback tank which came in my Robson Street product alert but when I went to nearby Oakrdige they didn’t have it in yet. I’m also hoping for solid Tango Red and Surge Blue CRB’s and maybe a pretty surprise dress. I don’t have an occasion for a new dress really but I missed out on the Renew Dirt Dress last year and would like to see something similar this year. How unfortunate that we can no longer see the web image for that dress and other older items. I hate that the old product pictures have been removed from the website. That was such a great catalogue of images to rely on. Oh well, moving on. I’d also feel tempted by the Surge Blue Dance Floss Travel Jacket that came in a product alert from Quebec but hasn’t been released in any other stores since. I’m tempted by it but think I may pass in favour of other summery items since I don’t *need* another sweatshirt. Other items in store not listed here are the Chai Time Pullover with a new Heathered White version and the No Limit Tanks (Coal and white Stripe Bra/Coal Body, Flush Bra with Black Body, Very Violet Bra with Black Body). And it’s been a while since I’ve asked, but:

What are you hoping to buy tomorrow?

Pink Mist Modern Racerback Tank

Cool Racerback Tanks: Surge Blue, Tango Red

Sing, Floss, Travel Jacket

Your Best Breath Wrap

I haven’t disliked a lululemon item as much as I dislike this wrap. I hate the patch job of the chalky/silky looking tencil and Vitasea. Tencil is a lovely fabric for certain items like tanks or shorts but in a wrap it provides little stretch (which is why they patched it with vitasea). I had the Bliss tank from last year made of tencil and loved it so it’s not the fabric that I don’t like, it’s that I don’t like it for a wrap. A wrap this shape really should have a nice drape and whenever I see this wrap I wonder why they felt the need to use tencil instead of just all Vitasea. It shows sweat like crazy, it’s not cozy, it doesn’t drape appropriately for a wrap and it wrinkles. I’m sorry if you really loved this wrap but I had to vent my feelings on this one. It just couldn’t be contained any longer. 

Scuba Hoodie Still Water Blue Dip Die

This is a really pretty blue. I’d love to see it used in other pieces.

Get Up & Go Jacket

I’m not tempted by this jacket only because I already have the Power Purple Hustle Jacket but I think this is a solid running jacket at a great price ($148?). I love the cuffed hem and the ruffle detailing at the pockets. The Grapeseed is really pretty in the seabed print but maybe slightly busy for some with all of the ruching at the chest. I quite like it though and thats the one I would choose because a run jacket should be fun.  This is a warmer weather jacket lined with gradient circle mesh where as my Hustle Jacket is lined with Coolmaxx which is more tshirt/jersey like and provides warmth. I’d like to try this on in the near future to give you a fit review and to check out the technical features. Maybe I’ll get the opportunity later today. I suspect that although I take an 8 in the Hustle Jacket I may prefer this one in a 10. 

Bow Tie Tee

Like others have mentioned, I like the back of this tee but don’t care for the neckline on the front. I would have loved a boat neck or deeper scoop as well as slightly longer sleeves. 

Speed Skirt Tango Red

I love the Tango Red, especially in the bottoms such as Speed Shorts. Wish some of the longer shorts came out in Tango Red too. 

Run Fastest Short

Although these are not my favourite looking shorts, the length and fit looks like it has potential for me. If they came in Tango Red I would be super happy. 

Run Turbo Short

These are really cute in Black and Pink Mist. I’ve heard that if you don’t have athletic thighs then the sides may flare out a bit more then you would like. 

**The Crops**

So many feminine, dance inspired crops these past weeks. 

Embrace Crops

I really love the look of these crops. I mentioned yesterday that I find these really sexy with the higher rise and curve accentuating details 

Salutation Crop

Bandhas Crop

These are really pretty as well. I love them in the black but the lighter colors look a bit too busy with the seam detailing in darker contrast. I like that the ties at the calf can be worn in different ways. 

Mudra Pant

These remind me of the Labs Cali Roll Crops that flew off the shelves last summer. 

Back Bend Crops

The great thing about these crops is the very dense and soft luon used. This reminds me of the old made in Canada luon that was used before and much more durable. Some luon used now has a thin scratchy feel that is prone to early pilling.  I think I remember hearing that these have been made in Canada. I know a few other items in store lately have the made in Canada label (Dahlia Scoop Neck Tank, Polocross Crops, Black Roses Power Y). Wherever these were made, the luon on these is amazing and they will probably last you. 

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