Light Grey Pique Luon headband, Run: Energy SL Passion Varsity, Energy Bra and Mind Over Matter Crops

Playing dressup for race day (BMO Vancouver Half Marathon ) and I’m still not 100% sold on my selection for a top. I really like the Energy Tank and like the color and slogan but I’m also hoping to snag a last minute Solid Tango Red Cool Racerback Tank or a Surge Blue Cool Racerback Tank. Cool Racerbacks are my go to tanks for running and although they are a bit warmer I really like the soft cottony feel of them so I was hoping to get a high energy color in a Cool Racerback to wear on Sunday but the colors are a slim pickins in my store. Perhaps I can hope for an upload of them tomorrow with a Friday delivery???  The Run: Mind Over Matter Crops are my favourite run crops but sadly my iphone/ipod doesn’t fit perfectly in the gel pocket and half of the phone sticks out so I need to make sure that it doesn’t fall out when I run and that the touch screen is facing away from my skin so it doesn’t get soaked in sweat. I ran my 7 miles on Sunday with my phone this way and it pretty much stayed put but I was still paranoid and constantly checking it. My energy chews will be kept in my other gel pocket as well as in my Hand Held Water Bottle pouch which has a small zippered pocket and room for 3 chews. I also have an old Nike pocket that velcros into the laces of my shoes and I think that’s where I’ll keep a $20 and ID in case I need to cab it the half block from the finish line to where the car will be parked. I think other then my Garmin that’s all I need to take with me. I wont be gear checking, I think I’m going to wear a throw away long sleeve cotton shirt over top and then have my husband bring me a Scuba Hoodie and some flip flops to wear immediately after. Maybe I need some chapstick too. 

What items do you take with you to your races? 

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