Monday, June 17, 2024

Pure Focus Tank and Light Grey Pique Luon Headband, Random Ramblings

by Cristina

Pure Focus Tank Grapeseed

I was originally really crazy about the Pure Focus Tank in Grapeseed when I first saw pictures of it but when I purchased it in store I had second thoughts and felt a little meh! about it and just felt like I loved my black one way more, so it sat in a bag  by my front door while I decided if I was going to keep it or not and today low and behold I have fallen in love with it after seeing a few more pictures online of people wearing it. Don’t ask my why, I really don’t know why the change of heart so suddenly other then it’s bright and sunny today and I felt like I wanted to wear a pretty purpley feminine top like everyone else in the pictures I’ve seen of it. So I’m keeping it 🙂

The Luon Headband Light Grey Pique

I hadn’t planned on getting another headband since I mostly use my Brisk Earwarmers as headbands when I run (I like that it holds all of my hair back and keeps the sweat well back) but when I saw this Light Grey Pique Luon Headband I had to have it. It was a total impulse purchase but I think this must be the prettiest most versatile headband I have now and I plan on wearing it to my BMO Vancouver Half Marathon next week. If I see a Tango Red Cool Racerback Tank in store in the meantime I may grab that to wear on the big day. I haven’t totally settled on a top but it will either be something Tango Red or the Energy SL I wrote about last week. 

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