Well first of all I was verrrry bad this week and already got a few things so I need to behave tomorrow. I love the Modern Racer Tank I got in the Iris Wee Stripe but I got it in a 6 and I’d like to try on an 8 so I hope that gets uploaded. I really hope we don’t see any wonderful surprise uploads. I don’t want to want anymore for the next month. PERIOD. but if a solid Iris colored  Pure Focus Tank pops up…Oh my. I think we may see the Iris and Violaceous Scuba Hoodies pop up tomorrow as well and maybe the Violaceous Downtime Jacket.

Modern Racer Tank Modern Racer Tank Alternate View
Scuba HoodieScuba Hoodie
Down Time Jacket

My legs are finally toned enough that I would like to try out shorts for Spring/Summer running. I don’t think I’ve eliminated the chub rub between my thighs yet (or will I ever I think) but these Run Faster Longer shorts intrigue me since they are higher rise and have larger leg openings. The color is loverly and I really like the waist elastic on these. Why lulu? why can’t you just make a longer length running short? Anyways, i’d like to try these out. 

I’ve decided to pass on a second Swiftly long sleeve for now since I pretty much wash and wear my running gear. I don’t need more then one item for anything. Seriously, I’m making due with one pair of wooly running socks and washing and hang drying right away. That’s with 4 days a week of running. So I cannot truthfully pretend I need two long sleeve swiftly’s no matter how pretty. I loved these both. My only hangup with the Iris one on the right is the grey portion is not a pretty grey. It sort of looks like murky water. I wish they had made this one all Iris with the Violaceous contrast stitching. So although I will be momentarily tempted by these tomorrow I will pass. Running is a solo sport for me so it’s not like anyone is checking out my pretty run gear other then myself. See how I’m talking myself out of a second swiftly?

RUN: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeves RUN: Swiftly Tech

What are you guys buying tomorrow? I know you’re feeling tempted by all these pretty new things.

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