Pure Focus Tank, Modern Tank, Swiftly LS, Aura Jacket, Men’s Essential Tee

Pure Focus Tank

Pure Focus Tank in inversion. I don’t find the band at the bottom to fit very snuggly but it’s enough to prevent it from flipping on you in inversion. I think the Pure Focus tank is the absolute prettiest tank I have ever seen from Lulu. It’s so feminine and soft and flattering without being curve hugging and revealing *sigh*, I’m dreaming of seeing this tank in solid Iris. 

Modern Racer Tank 

Modern Racer Tank Alternate View

Another tank I’m really stoked about is the Iris Wee Stripe Modern Tank. I’m crazy about these muted tones and the subtle stripes on this tank and heathering is so pretty. I am tempted by the Violaceous as well but I know it will get second billing to the Iris so I’m passing. The pictures really don’t do the color/pattern justice.

Aura Jacket

Two things I forgot to mention about the Aura jacket was that the zipper, although it’s metal, it’s not sharp like in some of the Scubas or other jackets. the teeth seem to be properly rounded down in this zipper so you can run your fingers across it and not feel like your sawing into your skin (like some of the scuba zippers). This makes a huge difference to the feel of the zipper and in my opinion, if lulu is going to keep using metal zippers in jackets they need to use zippers that have rounded off teeth. 

Also, the Iris side of this jacket has a weave that shows some perforation. It’s super soft organic cotton. I had decided a while ago that since I have the Free to Be jacket from last year that I would not need another light hoodie but this one is really not sweatshirt material at all but a nice soft organic cotton that almost feels like the Cabin LS, only softer IMO. So that makes it a keeper in my books. Plus I really loved the ruching at the lower arms. The Dance Studio Jacket has this ruching down the arms as well and I find that a very flattering feature. 

Run Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve

I really love this Swiftly Long Sleeve, especially since there is much more iris in it then the short sleeve version. I really wish lulu had made it a solid Iris with the Violaceous contrast stitching and no grey  because the soft grey of this shirt looks a bit like murky water to me. The contrast works nicely together but just wish there was much less of they grey and much more of the pink. Since I already have a Swiftly LS I’m going to be picky and keep my fingers crossed that a solid Iris one comes out. 

Men’s Essential Tee

Essential TEssential TAlternate View

I like this men’s Essential Tee in ‘Day Dream’ it’ looks like airbrushed clouds. I know my husband would never wear this but if he did I’d be spending more time cuddling him (or his shirt I guess)

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