New Print! Black Citron Tinted Canvas Super

This print is called Black Citron Tinted Canvas Super on Heathered Blurred Grey. It’s quite similar to Unicorn Tears except this print looks like it was made (back to my Fine Arts days, I knew that degree would come in handy) with watered down acrylic or gauche paint brushed over unprimed canvas while Unicorn Tears was ink diffused in water. I know, I know, who cares…but this stuff interests me. I may like this print in a Modern Racer Tank. I’ve given up hope of seeing Cool Racerbacks with prints that aren’t heavy on the polyester blends so I’d like to see this in a Modern Racer Tank instead.

In Stride Jacket (HBLGbcti)

 In Stride JacketIn Stride JacketAlternate View

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