Upload Thursday Eve

Sorry for the delay for today’s post but it is so amazingly gorgeous out that I spent the day out with the kids and my best mama friend at the park. I wore jeans today..big mistake!! I should have worn my Dance Studio Crops and flip flops. I’m so over my winter wardrobe and I’m pumped for fresh spring stuff. I’ve now decided I’m in dire need of the Iris Pacesetter Pullover. Go figure, now that my store is practically sold out of them I decide I need one. I just really love the Kangaroo pocket on the front of this and I’m crazy about anything Iris – really I have no need for a running pullover though. I hope it will be uploaded tomorrow but I’m not sure since it hasn’t hit all stores across North America.

I’m thinking I want the Modern Racer Tanks in Snorkel and Violaceous. I want one but I’m not sure which of the two I would prefer. The Snorkel Scuba hoodie is stunningly gorgeous. I really love it but I’m done with Scuba’s till fall so I’m going to pass. I would be persuaded into another Aura Pullover in a new color such as Snorkel.

What are you guys hoping for tomorrow’s upload? Do we think there will be an upload?

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