Gorgeous Product Shots

I think I’m liking the Get Focused Tank in Unicorn Tears more then I like the Cool Racerback Tank.

Inner Strength Tank. I’d love to try it sometime. Also liking the Unicorn Tears version of it better then the Cool Racerback. I think it’s the black contrasting that I like.

Live Healthy Wrap. Sadly the one I ordered last week is going back to the store. The shape was just not doing anything for me and my pear shape and even though I loved the color, the wrap itself was just not flattering. 

Down Time Jacket

In Stride Jacket

Looks like Rubber Ducky Scuba has made it to stores finally. Yellow is a tricky color so it’s best to try it on first. Personally I adore this color in the scuba but some have not liked it in person. 

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