Friday, April 12, 2024

Upload Thursday

by Cristina

SO other then my purchase of the Rubber Ducky Scuba which I am so happy about because I have been dying for it, I think a lot of people were disappointed to not see items such as the Calm and Cozy Sweaters, Wren Dance Studio Pants (These are now hiding in the regular pants page on the US side) or the Lilac Snow Pace Setter Pullover and the Vinyasa Scarves. I was late to the game this morning because it’s my daughters first birthday 🙂 and we wanted to do presents with her and pictures and have lots of cuddles with her before Daddy went to work. I happened to peak online while making myself coffee and the very first thing I saw was the Rubber Ducky Scuba so I quickly ordered that and went back to the party. 

What did you guys order today? Where you happy with the upload?

Looks like they found another box of items to upload..

Calm and Cozy Sweater

SE Cool Racerback Tank

Guess what I ordered finally 🙂 …I’ve been dying for this Rubber Ducky Scuba. 

Scuba Hoodie
Rubber Ducky/Soft Lavender (so glad it’s not a pillow scuba!)

Purple Crush/Concord Grape

Aruba/Beachy Greey

Down Time Pant

Run Record Breaker Jacket Lilac Snow/Flush

Size up and fits short if you have a longer torso

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