Thursday, April 25, 2024

Upload Thursday Eve

by Cristina

This past week was a bit more exciting for me as far as colors. We saw the Wren Dance Studio Pants, Heathered Poison Ivy Wunder Under Crops (uploaded online and sold out quickly) and Calm and Cozy Sweaters. I’m not in need of anything for tomorrows upload unless we see the Sprinkler Hot Class Tank or the Pure Balance Tank. I’d like to try that out but not sure it would work for me. I easily passed on the Record Breaker Jacket for a few reasons but the top reason was that I just really like my Hustle Jackets better. I think I’m more excited about items that get uploaded that are not part of the current color palette. If I see anything else come out in Heathered Poison Ivy I’ll snatch that up for sure. It’s such a gorgeous shade of forresty green. Run Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve in Heathered Poison Ivy? yes please!! Or dare I dream about a Gratitude Wrap in that color…

What are you guys planning on getting tomorrow? 

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