Thursday, April 11, 2024

Store Report ~ Lots of New Colors!

by Cristina

I stopped in at my local lulu today and saw quite a few new lovely items. Scoop Neck Tank in Wren/Iris Wee Stripe, Cool Racerback Tank in Split Pea Micro Stripe, Modern Racer Tank in Grey and Black Tropic Stripe, Hot Class Bra, head bands, Stratus Crops in Unicorn Tears, Hot Class Tank in Violaceous and Wren and Coal Studio Pants.

I purchased the Hot Class Tank of course and the Wren Studio pants as the combination of those two colors are stunning together and perfect for Spring with gold  Havaianas. The Wren Crops are keepers for sure since I use crops a lot in Spring/Summer, I’m just not sure if I’m keeping the pant version yet. The pants can easily be turned into crops of this length but then you have the folded fabric sitting underneath and the weight of that extra fabric so it doesn’t look as nice as these or feel as light. I also saw a new Live Healthy Wrap in Heathered Iris/Snow Cone (same pinky color as the Pace Setter Pullover) and I really loved the color but I’d like to see it in the Calm and Cozy. I inquired with a few educators about that and they both told me they hadn’t seen any plans for it. She mentioned that they didn’t expect to see more of the Calm and Cozy sweaters soon and that it is doing really well, far better then they anticipated. So maybe in later Spring we will see it in Heathered Snow Cone/Iris.

I was tempted by the Modern Racer Tank but passed on it since it’s black/grey and would rather hold out for a more tempting color in the Modern. Although now that I see a picture of it, it looks super cute. The Cool Racerback Tank in Split Pea was very pretty but the color just didn’t look like it would be flattering on me so I decided to pass and wait for the Iris Micro Stripe version which I think will work better for me.

New Grooves! Unicorn Tears with Black Contrast. I love the waist band on these. 
Coal Dance Studio Crops worn here with the newest Modern Racer Tank!
Hot Class Tank Violaceous, Hot Class Bra Unicorn Tears. Stratus Wunder Unders Violaceous & Unicorn Tears
Scuba Hoodies: Heathered Pig Pink, Heathered Charcoal/Heathered Heron grey Salt and Pepper, Aruba/Beachy Green
Cool Racerback Tank Split Pea/Wren Micro Stripe
Wunder Under Pant Special Edition and Cool Racerback Tank ‘Split Pea’

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