This past week I took off from running since I was feeling both a lack of motivation as well as I was fighting the nasty bug my kids have had and we’ve had record breaking cold temperatures at the last half of the week. It all started with the choice last Sunday to have a nap with my free time instead of going on a measly 3 mile run. And then I just kept putting off my runs because of a persistent headache and lack of convenient options for times to get out and then finally we got very cold on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday with windchill at -18* at one point and for us West Coasters we’re just pansies when it comes to ‘windchill’.

Yesterday and today we got a huge dumping of snow which I’ve up till now been able to avoid running in such conditions, but because I took last week off I had no choice today. I had to run. My relief parent/grandparent babysitting options are even fewer this week since my mom has had to fly to Spain on an emergency trip to see my grandmother who has had 3 strokes in the past week. It’s been very tense and stressful worrying about my grandmother so besides having to run today for practical reason, I really, really needed the stress relief and time away to process. Running is so cathartic that it’s just necessary to get out there and run when I’m feeling stressed and worried and I’m so glad I braved the snow today and got out there.

Blerg!! The snow!

This weather can’t stop me if I plan on getting out there consistently this next month and sticking with my training plan while my mom is away, so this afternoon I went out and purchased these Yaktrax Pro MD cleats I’ve pictured below. I also wore my Smart Wool Running Socks I posted about the other day. Initially I was a bit afraid that my feet would get soaked and freeze before I was finished my run but I’m very impressed that the socks kept my feet comfortable. They did get wet but the wool socks seemed to suck the water away from my foot and also kept them warm. I wore my Dash Crops, Switly Tech Long Sleeve and my Hustle Jacket and really, the long sleeve probably made me too warm. When I got home and showered my thighs were very pink but I was pretty comfortable during my run if not a touch too warm. This Saturday I’m up to 8 miles on my training plan but I may jump to 9 depending on how I feel that day since I took the week off. I did two weeks at 7 miles because I have a bit of time buffer between the end of my training plan and the race day so I can modify my training plan as I feel the need. It makes me feel a little less tied down to be able to switch things around as life happens.

NB Minimus

I’m also in the market for new running shoes in the next month or so and I’ve been considering either getting the same New Balance 1064 runners I’m currently using which are a neutral gate but heavily cushioned shoe or getting New Balance NB Minimus ‘barefoot technology’ running shoe with very little to no cushioning. I’m happy with my 1064’s but I’m also really intrigued by barefoot running , especially after this talk by Christopher McDougal on Natural Running. Do any of you runners out there have advice on transitioning to these types of runners? Or opinions on wether or not it’s a good idea to do this half way in my training? 

The half marathon I’m running in May, BMO Vancouver Marathon posted a really cool video clip of the full marathon course as well as the half. When I need to motivate myself or psych myself up to get out there I’ll turn to this video because it’s getting me so excited . Do all marathons post videos like these? Such an ingenious thing to do. Anyways, this week I’m getting out there for my 4 runs -rain, sleet or snow or pitch dark night I’m getting out there because it makes me feel good. And hopefully I don’t end up with this horrible cold that everyone around me seems to be getting.

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