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February 20, 2011

I am loving the Pure Balance Tank, It’s super secski but it sure is low cut. I’ll have to try it on and see how my modest self feels in such a low cut top. Maybe something to save for my post nursing days when I’m less endowed.

Pure Balance Tank Coal

Pure Balance TankPure Balance TankAlternate View
Pure Balance TankPure Balance TankAlternate View


I have two running jackets that I love, I don’t need this temptation looking me in the face. But..I adore a soft pink for running. I don’t know what the color psychology is behind wearing such soft feminine colors but soft pinks and purples (Power Purple especially) are my favourite colors for running. I love my Pig Pink I just wanna run tank and I would love to have a Swiftly Tech LS in this Iris color. The front ventilation zippers really make this an ideal jacket for warmer early Spring running too. Oh well. I’ll be happy to see this color in other items. 

Run Record Breaker Jacket Iris, Sprinkler Blue

RUN: Record Breaker JacketRUN: Record Breaker JacketAlternate View

RUN: Record Breaker JacketRUN: Record Breaker JacketAlternate View


Run Pace Setter Pullover Static Flush

RUN: Pace-Setter PulloverRUN: Pace-Setter PulloverAlternate View


These Groovy Run shorts have a new shade of blue in them. The color code is STIL and I’m guessing it’s ‘Stillwater Blue’. Very pretty. I do need to eventually get a pair of Groovy Run Shorts so these may be the ones. 

Groovy Run Shorts ‘BLK/spriSTIL’

RUN: Groovy Run Short RUN: Groovy Run Short Alternate View

And in case you missed my post earlier this weekend, the Dance Studio Pants have been spotted in US stores in this new Brown color called Wren. 

Dance Studio Pants Wren

Dance Studio PantDance Studio PantAlternate View

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