Friday, April 12, 2024

Sneak Peek of February Colors

by Cristina

These are the colors coming in February and I’m a bit disappointed by them. We saw Lagoon last Spring along with Passion which is similar to Flush. Margarita is a pretty green but I don’t like greens on me in general unless they are the Ivy variety so I’m sure that will be a pass for me. Sprinkler is quite lovely but how many shades of blue can one have in her closet? It’s just too close to Wish blue for me. Sprinkler looks like an in between Haze and Wish Blue color. What I’d really like to see are Brown/Cream neutrals (not grey/black neutrals, those don’t count) more Raw Blue (need a Cool Racerback in Raw Blue I’ve decided) and more Rubber Ducky items. The only thing I am liking of this palette is the multi color Ikat print on the inside of the Sprinkler Blue Retro Groove Gym Bag (This bag is in March issue of Runners World) I like it in a print as a set but individually I’m not crazy about these colors. 

Retro Groove BagAlternate View

**Grenadine, Clean Green, Mystic Blue and Snow Cone are part of the mens line. Too bad, Grenadine is a gorgeous red and Mystic Blue is a stunning color as I posted about yesterday in ‘color envy’.

Do share, do you love or hate this palette?

Men’s palette

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