How It’s Going Week 2 ~ Half Marathon Training

This weeks training had some highs and lows for me. I started week 2 of the Runners World Program that a friend gave me. She gave me both the Runners World version and one that a physio adapted for her sister who was running with a persnickety knee issue. So I have the option of floating between the two depending on how I’m doing since both programs seem to progress the same amount from week to week, one is just less intense then the other. I also took the suggestions of helpful readers on my last ‘How It’s Going’ post and printed off the McMillan Pace Calculator to guide me with my pace. We discovered from my last long run that my calorie burn was super high on my long run (800 cals) and after a bit of digging realized that it was because I was running at max pace the entire run. So by the end of 4 miles I was spent.

This weeks long run was 5 miles run at my ‘LSD’ pace (thanks to the pace calucator) and I burned a more reasonable 536 calories with an elevation gain of 308. I found with the slower pace I was able to run farther but also enjoy my run much more. I also stole my husbands ipod for this run and think I may start using my own for my long runs. He has much better taste in music then I do though (Queen, Bruce Springsteen, Dire Straits) so I may just keep taking his or alternating ipods to keep it fresh. Usually I’m anti ipod for running outdoors since I find I really become dependent on the device to keep me distracted from the running and then after a while I can’t go without it. I’m also always afraid of getting hit by a car.  Since I’m doing half marathon training and will be going on 2 hour + long runs I may find it too hard to keep myself entertained with stream of consciousness thinking alone so I think I just need to relax my rules about ipod free running.

My low this week was last nights run. My legs have been feeling like lead since my long run and also I had been up almost all night the night before (teething cranky baby, what else is new) and probably also slightly dehydrated so when I hopped on to the treadmill to do my short 3 mile run I had to jump off after just before 2 miles. I was so tired and thirsty that I could not continue for even a minute more. It was so discouraging because every time that happens I feel like I’ll not be able to complete my next long run either and i’ll just regress and go back to zero and be a total failure. So now I’m dreading Saturdays 4 mile run and almost feel like I should do a 1 mile run tonight to make up for my missed mile yesterday. Yes, I am OCD about the numbers. I am taking tonight off though because I’d rather have fresher legs tomorrow and do a 4 mile run then to finish the week off with a 1 mile run. That just figures though, I complete my longest run the other day and also have one bad run and at the end of the week the one I’m left thinking about was last nights crap run.

wish these were my wheels

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