Saturday, June 15, 2024

Ruber Ducky is Home To Stay! A Comparison To It’s Friend Chirp.

by Cristina

My new Rubber Ducky Cool Racerback Tank arrived today and I must say I really, really like the color. I had a moment this afternoon when I saw the same tank in store and I thought I really didn’t love the shade of yellow as it’s not as creamy as it looks in the website photo and I was hoping for a buttery soft yellow. Even when it arrived I thought for sure it would go back without even trying it on but my husband for some reason wanted to see what I got (perhaps to make sure it was a smaller purchase) so I tried it on and it looked really good with my skin tone. I really liked it under my Power Purple Hustle Jacket and my Power Purple Micro Stripe Cool Racerback. It’s a bit of a bright easter egg contrast with Power Purple but somehow it worked.  It’s hard to describe the yellow because it is quite a lot softer then Mac N Cheese but brighter then Chirp. Chirp by comparison looks quite washed out and sad. Maybe it’s more of a lemony yellow. None the less, it’s flattering to me and I have trouble pulling of most yellows so I’m happy that this one worked out and I’m keeping it. One thing to note though is that this Cool Racerback is a touch see through like white luon so you will likely need to insert cups in whatever bra your wearing for some modesty. I haven’t been using my cup inserts very often lately but I did need to use them with this one. 

Left: Rubber Ducky   Right: Chirp

Sunrise Tank ~ Chirp
Cool Racerback Tank ~ Mac N Cheese

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