Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Day Dreaming Of Another Pique In Stride

by Cristina

I’ve been really loving my Black Pique In Stride Jacket to pieces this week and have been alternating between wearing it and my Scuba hoodie depending on my temperature needs. The In Stride is really perfect for a rainy day though because I can just throw my Hustle Jacket on over it and it’s the perfect under layer. It’s become my favourite luon jacket of all time and I think my Strides will get neglected. I love that it’s a dark neutral but I think if one were to come in the Light Grey Pique I would have to have it. I’ve read on Facebook that someone spotted a Light Grey Pique Define Jacket with a White Lulu logo contrast on it at her gym and so I think an In Stride in Light Grey Pique is a possibility. I was also day dreaming about Pique coming in other colors such as Heathered Aruba and that would really be lovely. Why can’t Pique come in non neutral colors?  

In other non news, I went to Metrotown today to buy jeans (took me over 4 hours to find the right pair!!) and stopped in at Lulu. There was zilch new today. No Ikat Cool Racerbacks, and nothing that I haven’t already seen. I looked at all the new Cool Racerbacks and compared them to older colored Flow Y’s. Very Violet was almost identical to Purple Crush with Purple Crush being ever so slightly lighter. Rubber Ducky seems not as buttery in person as it is in the product alerts but it’s still very close to Chirp. I’ll have comparison pictures for you later tonight when the one I ordered online arrives. Lolo and Concord Grape are almost the same color with Concord being slightly muted and less intense. If you missed out on the other colors then these are good substitutions. I’m contemplating selling my Very Violet Cool Racerback which is half static and half solid with a fully solid Purple Crush Cool Racerback. 

I also chatted with the educator at the folding table about Dance Studio Pants and she told me that the educators were all hoping for more colors (hoping, not informed) like a dark navy or Raw Blue and a dark grey darker then Coal.  She said the demand was really huge for the Studio Pants over Christmas and they had trouble keeping them in stock so she can’t imagine Lulu wont go with the popularity by adding to the color lineup. I would really like them in the Raw Blue. I have Coal so a darker grey doesn’t really tempt me much but a dark navy blue would really be exciting. 

So I left Lulu without anything today but I did find these nice Levi’s Skinny Boot Jeans that were the perfect fit. It has something called the Demi Curve in the back that really suits a curvier figure. I’m impressed because Levi’s have never fit me well before but they have really upgrade the fit and style to be way more flattering. I also picked up a really pretty blouse at Banana Republic with an artsy floral print (no pictures available yet). 

Light Grey Pique Wunder Unders

Wunder Under Crop

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