Retro Lululemon Rumours?

Rumours are rampant today about Vintage lulu pieces making a comeback soon. I’ve heard now that the Gratitude Wrap may make an appearance in the next 3 weeks, and that the Deep V Tank will be making a comeback. I buy this because an old Deep V Tank was uploaded on the Canada side of the website last week and that’s usually a sign of things to come (read the comments on this My Superficial Endeavors post), not always, but you have to wonder why they uploaded an old piece out of the blue.  Also, the Hot Class Bra has come out in the Australian stores in new colors as well as a return of Lullure Cool Racerbacks. When rumours like this appear as anonymous comments on blogs I tend to think they’re planted from either educators or people in the know. Sometimes they don’t pan out but most of the time I’ve found them to be true. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this because there are a lot of items on my Vintage Wish List. I seem to have a cardigan/wrap heavy list and the top on my list of course is the Gratitude Wrap. Oh well, I think I can make room for all of those lovelies if I sell some of my items. Lululemon should just do a total revisit of 2009, I think those are the items that are most coveted on the Lululemon Exchange Page.

What’s on your Lululemon Vintage Wish List?

Coming Soon?
Hot Class Bra already in Australian Stores

These are the items on my Lulu Vintage wish list. 

Gratitude Wrap 

In gorgeous colors like these please. Heathered Stitch and Heathered Fox fetch a pretty penny on ebay. I’ve never actually seen the Heathered stich up for resale. Whoever has one probably keeps a security tag on it. 

Sport Cardi. I love the big loopy knit of this cardigan and that the belt is attached. The ruched colar is such a nice unique lulu feature.

Dance Pulse Wrap

I remember seeing this in Heathered Aruba when I got my Tranquil Crops in the same color. I regret not purchasing it then but was really on a mission for crops at that time so passed on it. Lulu wasn’t a compulsion at that time so I passed on a lot of items that I really liked. 

Remix Hoodie Lux

I’d love to see a Scuba version of the lux hoodie. I had one of these in the summer but sold it because I didn’t quite love the color, and the fit was boxy just like the Remix. A scuba version would be amazing. The Lux material (beechlu) is so soft and silky but still quite dense and warm. The Dance Pulse Wrap was made of the same material.

Dance Strap Tank

This is another item I saw in store before I was a lulu ‘collector’ and I loved it but passed because I was pregnant at the time and couldn’t imagine I would ever fit something like this again. I see them on ebay from time to time in colors like army green, soft pink and gold and I wish they would pop up in my size for a reasonable price but they never do. 

Not So Deep V Bra

I’ve been wearing this bra a lot lately for running in as my Flow Y’s have gotten too big on me. I really love the support of this tank and that it’s such a pretty feminine design. And the cleavage it offers is a bonus. My only complaint about it is that it doesn’t look so nice under a Cool Racerback which is my tank of choice for running in. It’s not a deal breaker at all though and I still use it with my Cool Racerbacks. 

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