Store Report ~ Brought Home Two Tanks!

Well although I didn’t find a Rubber Ducky Scuba today or a Gratitude Wrap it was a pretty successful trip. I found myself the Coal Shale Cool Racerback Tank and it works beautifully under a new non Lululemon Cardigan that I got the other day. Also, I am officially in love with the Hot Class Tank even though I don’t really have an occasion to wear it other then random Bikram’s classes, around the house and in the summer if I don’t mind going for the athletic look on non athletic endeavors. The Sheer Luon material on the bottom is just so silky soft. I’m officially now obsessed with it and would love a Cool Racerback made entirely of this material in a color like Aruba or Margarita. I saw Raw Blue Still Pants today and they were more of a blue then the Studio Pants in Raw Blue. Luon lightens colors up a little but so these will for sure look Navy to you when you see them in person. There was also a very pretty new Special Edition Cool Racerback Tank that came in black and had some pleating detail in the back and along the straps. It sort of looked like a low profile ruffle detail but it was much of a square pleat. I now regret not bringing that one home but I’m actually hoping it comes in Raw Blue. The educator I spoke to said she would be surprised to not see a Cool Racerback Tank come out in Raw Blue and that we may see on this week or next. I’m hoping this Special Edition version comes in the Raw Blue. 

Scuba Hoodie Ikat Print

I tried on this Ikat Print Scuba and despite not loving the wildness of the print on me the scuba is super, super soft and the cream colored panels on it make it really elegant. If I see you wearing this scuba I may run up to pet you, it is that soft!

Power Y Tank Margarita Strata Stripe

Margarita is a much softer green then I thought it would be based on the elastic hair ties I’ve seen with the color and also the color swatch I posted. It’s more of a pale apple green. I really like it but not sure how I like it on me. I may consider this one in a Cool Racerback though. Something low commitment.

Hot Class Tank

I LOVE this tank. Much much more then the No Limit Tanks. I tried on both the size 8 and the size 10 and if I was not on a half marathon training plan I would have gone with the size 10. the 8 fit except that I could see slight muffin top with the pants I was wearing and that is not ideal in a baby doll style tank. Now that I’m home though I think the size 8 was the right choice and I no longer see muffin top for some reason. Perhaps it was the lighting in the fitting room. Anyways, there is room for improvement in the size 8 and the size 10 would have gotten too big very soon. I wish this tank came in a solid version. If it comes out in solid Aruba or Solid Margarita I will get a second one.

Cool Racerback Tank Coal Strata Stripe

Coal Strata Cool Racerback is indeed as soft as a reader had told  me it is. This is a really pretty and flattering stripe and it’s very slimming. Usually I think horizontal stripes are widening but I didn’t find that in this tank. I love having a good neutral Cool Racerback that I can wear with everything. 

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